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Ovar.io Game - Play Ovario game Online

Fertilize the egg in Ovar.io! This biology-inspired multiplayer game pits you against oodles of sperm. Each type of wriggler has unique skills. Scouts can see far, Soldiers are well-balanced, and Ghosts are stealthy. Chew through the egg shell to gain power!

Ovar.io is a very unique and interesting io game. The characters you can play are different classes of sperm. Nuff said.

How to Play Ovar.io

To play, simply guide your fleet of sperm around the map with your cursor, and kill other sperm in your path. Scattered around the map are plenty of power-ups to help you on your journey.

Ovar.io Strategy

The strategy is to simply avoid the sperm classes that over-power yours, and capture as many ovaries as you can.